The outcomes of Emerging Market Initiatives are WIN – WIN

International volunteers reap incredible rewards by spending their summer working with EMI. For starters, the only costs associated with volunteering are travel expenses during project field visits (see below for available financing).  Those interested in gaining unique experience and exposure that will enhance their competitiveness in the labor market will benefit by:

  • Receiving instruction and training on:
    • Emerging market conditions and opportunities
    • The Latin American and Colombian contexts
    • Consulting concepts and practices
    • Specialized training in certain topic areas (EMI Workshops)
  • Un-matched networking possibilities with volunteers from around the world and top institutions
  • The opportunity to put theory into practice and have an impact

Of course, client organizations are benefited enormously as well.  As many lack formal business training, permanent policies of innovation, or even the resources to pay for third party consulting services, client companies gain:

  • Free assessment and comprehensive report of findings
  • Recommendations created from a range of international perspectives on how to improve performance
  • Assistance in implementing improvement plans

Travel Asistance for consultants

EMI offers assistance in terms of lodging (breakfast included) and ground transport during the consulting initiative field visits to a limited number of consultants on a per project basis.  That’s to say, one consultant, regardless of the number of projects in which she/he is working, may qualify for financing during one project field visit, maximum.  Financing is rewarded on several criteria including merit, project involvement, experience, etc.

Application Requirements

To qualify for field-visit assistance, you must have already been accepted into EMI and confirmed placement (in one or more projects).  You must then submit a statement of purpose detailing:

  1. Motivation to participate in EMI
  2. Experience expected to obtain with EMI
  3. Potential contribution to be made to the project(s)

Please submit this letter in PDF in no more than 2-3 pages to with the word “Stipend application – Project title (eg: BOP, PPI, CSR)” in the subject line of the email.

*Deadline is May 28, 2016, one week before the application cut-off date.