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The School of Social Communication and Journalism was founded in 1974. Our graduates are humanistic professionals, with a global, critical and analytical vision, that prepares them for media convergence and strategic thinking.

Globalization and the rise of new technologies expanded the field of action for social communicators and journalists, and prompted our school to foster integrality, research, extension and internationalization.

Universidad Externado de Colombia was founded on February 15, 1886, in response to the limitation of personal liberties imposed by the Regeneration regime.

Ever since, the University has been renowned as a hotbed of critical, humanistic and liberal thinking, as a site of tolerance and respect for political ideas, religious beliefs, geographic and ethnic backgrounds or sexual preferences.

As a result of its permanent quest for excellence, the University was awarded an 8-year high-quality institutional accreditation, bestowed by the National Ministry of Education.

Academic activities are undertaken in our extensive and beautiful campus, located inBogotá, with facilities designed to satisfy the needs of a 21st Century student, based on policies aimed at ensuring quality of life from a wholeness perspective.


  • International Accreditation by the Latin American Accreditation Council of Journalism Education (CLAEP) 2018-2028.
  • High-quality institutional accreditation by the National Ministry of Education. 2017-2021.




What are social communication and journalism professionals trained to do?

Our social communicators and journalists:

  • Manage digital social networks and valuable content for social, for-profit or cultural objectives for media and organizations.
  • Coordinate and manage media, from news reports production to general management of media companies, and all positions in between.
  • Propose, manage and assess strategies, media and communication processes for a wide array of public and private institutions.
  • Become entrepreneurs and develop communication initiatives and institutional projects, producing news, entertainment, opinion and research-based content.
  • Develop communication strategies for branding and reputation management, through public relations, digital communication, social responsibility, advertising and marketing.
  • Support business and organizational change processes via strategies of internal and external communication.
  • Develop and manage digital, written, audiovisual and convergent media for different organizations and institutions.


Where do the professionals in Social Communication and Journalism work?

  • In mass media: press, radio, television and digital media companies.
  • In private, public and social organizations from all economic sectors in Colombia and abroad.
  • In consulting agencies in the area of strategic communication.
  • At higher education institutions, as lecturers or researchers.
  • In research centers, as freelancers, enhancing the understanding of phenomena related to communication and culture.

Communication-Journalism Fields:

  • Digital communication: web design, content production, digital social media manager and community manager.
  • Journalism: Political, economic, legal, international, cultural, sports and environmental journalism.
  • Strategic communication: internal, external, social responsibility/engagement, digital and marketing communications.
  • Audiovisual communication: Media producer, executive producer, screenwriter, art director, photographer, podcast developer, video editor and radio producer, among others.
  • Entrepreneur in communications: for media, companies and Social Organizations.
  • Researcher in the different fields of social communication and journalism.

Master degrees

  • Master in Creative Communication and Emerging Media
  • Master in Political Communication
  • Master in Communication and Sports Management

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School of Social Communication and Journalism

SNIES code 1110.
Resol. MEN 17968 of September 8, 2017, for 7 years.

Program length: 9 semesters.

City: Bogotá, D. C.

Type: On-campus (face-to-face) education

Studying in the Universidad Externado is a possibility!

Ask about our scholarships, waivers, academic and sports reduced fees.


* Fee reduction (50%) in the first semester for the two students with the best results in the admission processes.

* Loans (written-off by good performance) offered by Universidad Externado.

* Scholarships for academic excellence provided by Fundación Bolívar Davivienda and Universidad Externado.

* Tuition waivers (Honorary tuition)

* Sports incentives

* Fee reduction for members of Universidad Externado community.

Contact us at informacion@uexternado.edu.co