“Wise men of the Tribe,” with General Óscar Naranjo

Date: 29 of august

Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Place: Por confirmar

The School of Management, within the framework of its PRIVILEGIOS program, exclusively for Externado students and alumni, invites to the new initiative directed by Professor Mauricio Rodríguez.

Sabios de la tribu” (Wise men of the Tribe) is a series of conversations with retired well-known national, public, and private life individuals who will share the valuable lessons learned throughout their careers and offer advice to the new generations who will lead the future of the country.

General Óscar Naranjo was the director of the Colombian National Police during the Government of Juan Manuel Santos, was part of the peace negotiations in Havana, and subsequently, appointed Vice-President of the Republic. He focused on the country’s post-conflict peacebuilding programs and initiatives.

 Professor Mauricio Rodríguez, founder and director of Portafolio Journal for 14 years, is the director of the RCN “Leaders” radio program, and author of eight books on senior management and leadership.

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As an expert in leadership, Dr. Rodriguez has sought to convey to students a practical view of leadership. “The topic of leadership has always fascinated me; thus, I decided to create a new course, taking advantage of the fact I have read many books and been in contact with various leaders. I am convinced leaders are not born, they are made, and that one can learn the tools, skills, behaviors, and instruments to develop these competencies,” stated the Professor.

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