Executive Education

The School of Management is known for its well-established executive education programs, offering a variety of levels and modalities. Our programs provide management expertise to start-ups, family firms, small and medium enterprises as well as large businesses. Most programs are open enrollment and we welcome all members of the community. The School of Management will also tailors closed programs upon request.

The most in-depth programs are called Specializations, credentialing programs which are specific to the Colombian market. Programs last approximately one year and cover a range of management topics.

The School of Management also offers shorter programs with more specific focuses. Certificate Programs are the most in-depth of these modalities and can last upwards of 80 hours, taught over a few weeks. Seminars have the shortest duration and can last anywhere from 10 to 30 hours, taught over a few days.

All executive education programs discuss a range of topics specific to the management of an organization such as future studies, corporate social responsibility, marketing strategies, and innovation. Professors and researchers from the School of Management instruct in all executive education programs, occasionally donating their time so as to contribute to the economic development of Colombia. Programs to Develop the Creation and Durability of Family Businesses are offered free to students, alumni, and their families.

For more information, please contact our Management Development Office who oversees Executive Education programs at the School of Management: