Bank of study cases on Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Despite the accelerated dynamic that has accompanied the implementation of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, in Colombia we still lack thorough academic studies that can lead to clearly understanding key aspects of socially responsible management that organizations are starting up such as what are the problems they are looking to resolve, what are the interest groups these are directed at, where are the initiatives being developed and what benefits are the organizations involved obtaining through the process, among others.

For this reason, and with the aim of contributing to a reflection on these issues and the construction of new knowledge, the Universidad Externado de Colombia, in the framework of its post-graduate programs in Social Responsibility and Sustainability, is building a bank of case studies on socially responsible experiences that companies and non-business organizations carry out in Colombia. The research project is being carried out in alliance with the Red Local del Pacto Global Colombia (the Local Network of the Colombian Global Pact) and the Asociacin de Fundaciones Empresariales (AFE—Business Foundation Association).

The study cases offer a tool that can be used in two ways: knowledge building or as a pedagogical instrument. Through research, study cases allow for documenting experiences in development with the aim of identifying in detail the characteristics of the interventions taken on by an organization, in the framework of their Social Responsibility strategies. From this pedagogical process, those papers that emerge as studies of cases become therefore case studies, which allows professors and students alike to work on real-life cases in their classrooms and based on these conclusions they are able to establish lessons learned that will serve to improve organizational practices in development and to propose new forms of actions.


Pacto Global Red Colombia             Asociación de Fundaciones Familiares y Empresariales (AFE)



Organizations, Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Notebook Number 1 [Romero (ed), 2016] The Cuaderno (Notebook in English) presents the results of five experiences started up by organizations involved in the Local Network of the Colombian Global Pact, which were documented and systematized during 2015 by students in the Specialization on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Foundations, Social Investment and Development

Notebook Number 2 [Romero (ed), 2017] The Notebook presents the results of seven experiences started by foundations that make up a part of the Association of Business Foundations (AFE), which were documented and systematized during 2015 by the students in the Master’s in Social Responsibility and Sustainability Course.

More information

Case studies focused on contributing to ODS No. 8—decent work and economic growth 2017: currently under development

Global Pact

Zona Franca Bogotá: Customs Responsibility Program

Asocolflores: Labor inclusión program

Éxito Group: Surtimax and Super Inter Alliance

Equión: Strengthening of the socio-productive conditions of the families in the coffee-zones and young people in Nunchía

Comfandi: Employment Centers Comfandi


Association of Business Foundations (AFE)

Orbis Foundation: The Color of Getting Along

Corona and Luker Foundation: University in your School

Carvajal Foundation: Comprehensive social intervention in community-based organizations of the recycling populations.

Propal Foundation: The Good Neighbor: Inclusive business line

Caicedo González Riopaila Castilla Foundation: Development of the supply chain and competitiveness of local suppliers in Riopaila Castilla S.A.

Case studies focused on peacebuilding in 2016: in the closing process for prompt publication

Global Pact

 Amanecer (sunrise) Foundation: Communal Bank

Mequemos Juntos (together), with the support of Terpel: Strengthening the popular economy in Barrancabermeja and Magdalena Medio.

Postobón: Hit Social

Argos Group: Transformation of the forestry activity in Ovejas and Carmen de Bolivar

Smurfit Kappa Colombia: Strengthening the Core Organizations with projects for creating income for vulnerable populations.

Fundación de Atención a la Niñez (FAN)—Foundation for Attention to Childhood Years: Protective environments full of colors.

Association of Business Foundations (AFE)

Terpel Foundation: The Leader in Me

Gases de Occidente Foundation: Listening Center in the El Barrio neighborhood

Dividend for Colombia Foundation: Strengthening Scholastic Permanence

Cerrejón Foundation for Institutional Strengthening: Strengthening Plan for Municipal Capabilities.

Port Society of Buenaventura Foundation: Strengthening the inclusion of Communication and Information Technologies (TIC) in the educational processes of Buenaventura

Banacol Foundation: Food security program with banana flour

IC Foundation: Associative and Productive Projects for the vulnerable populations in Tumaco