How to carry out a student exchange in a university that does not have a pre-existing agreement?

The category of free mover” allows every student that fulfills the student exchange requirements to do studies in a university with which the Universidad Externado does not have a pre-existing agreement.

The free mover student must present their application documents when the call for students is open, including their motivation letter specifying the university where they wish to realize their student exchange and the study plan. This should include the procedure they should follow, the costs they must assume and the justification of their academic project.

The student should personally manage the application with the foreign university on the dates and following the procedures set forth by the chosen institution. The Student Exchange Office will provide consultancy to the degree possible. If the student exchange project as a “free mover” is approved, the student will receive a letter from the Student Exchange Office accrediting the foregoing and thereby should complete their presentation before the chosen university.

Given that the university calendars around the world differ, it is important that the “free mover” student know the dates in which they should be completing their application requirements before the foreign university. It is possible in these cases that the candidate should send their application before the call for foreign exchange candidates has ended in the FIGRI exchange program or that this should even be done in the preceding semester.

So that the student exchange may effectively be homologated, the free mover student must take a full academic load in the foreign university, which is to say that they should take the same number of credits or subjects that a local student takes and fulfill the requirements and procedures for homologating as described in the Procedural Manual of the Faculty in the section *How do I homologate a semester or year of study abroad?[1]