How do the double major programs work?

Some agreements offer the option of taking a double major program. The student can homologate the courses of FIGRI that they still need to take while opting for a degree in the partner university. The study period in the foreign university can vary in accordance with the program chosen by the student. The double major programs are open to students in the final year of studies.


While students homologate the last two semesters of their FIGRI undergraduate studies, the student takes the subjects that will allow them, in accordance with the grades they obtain, to receive an undergraduate degree from the partner university. When the students finish their student exchange, they shall obtain an undergraduate degree from both the Universidad Externado de Colombia as well as the partner university.


While homologating the last two semesters of the FIGRI undergraduate program, the student is taking masters level courses in the partner university. Once the student exchange has been duly homologated, they can also opt for obtaining a master’s degree, if they fulfill the requirements set forth by the university. Depending on the program, this may occur at the end of the student exchange year (the student obtains the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the same time) or at the end of another period of studies.

The following partner universities offer the double major program:

Audencia Nantes École de Management

Rouen Business School

IESEG School of Management

International University in Geneva

Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles de Madrid

University of Wollongong