Greetings from the Dean

Welcome to the Externado School of Finance, Government, and International Relations - FIGRI. For thirty-seven years our commitment has centred on offering a transdisciplinary vision to understand an increasingly interdependent and complex world, to act in it, and transform it. We prepare our graduates to leave their mark with innovative, impactful solutions to complex problems facing communities locally and globally.

At FIGRI we strongly believe that education is a process that must be in constant adaptation. In this endeavour, the use of design and implementation of experimental models, and the construction of instruments to gather relevant data, ensure a balance between learning and permanent updating; innovation; prospective vision; strategic adaptation; and skills development to address the most pressing needs of societies locally and globally.

For us, education for innovation, transformative knowledge and research, and impact-based, relevant interaction with the social environment are foundational. These are our goals. You will see these goals reflected in our high quality, accredited, undergraduate programmes Finance and International Relations, and Government and International Relations – and in our ten postgraduate programs focused on Finance, Government, International Relations and Development.

Please enjoy your visit to our website, and I invite you to be part of our School of Finance, Government and International Relations – FIGRI – and become part of our family.

Warm regards,

Gonzalo Ordóñez

Dean of the Faculty of Finance, Government and International Relations