Ingls Avanzado

Cuando los alumnos completan sus requisitos bsicos de aprendizaje de inglés (hasta nivel 6) y francés, tendrá la oportunidad de tomar cursos de idioma avanzado que tienen como propósito seguir afianzando sus competencias y fortalecer más todas las habilidades idiomáticas.

The World in English

Profesora: Maite Mariño Thompson

The World in English is a twice-weekly elective course.  Using CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) methodology, the course will help students develop their English language skills as they explore world issues.   The themes of the course will include current world affairs, being a global citizen, intercultural studies, and the use of English as a global language.  Students will improve their academic writing by learning how to develop critical literature reviews and different styles of essays.   Through class discussions and presentations, students will also practice and improve their spoken English communication skills.  Readings will come from different media outlets, including websites and blogs.   The course will also look at developing life skills and learning processes.