Dr.iur. Diego Jos Moreno Cruz, Phd. (Genova)

Formation and academic experience:

Lawyer (2005), specialist in Financial Law (2007) from Externado de Colombia University; visiting doctorate student from the Nanterre Ouest Paris University (2010) and the University College of Oxford (2011); Doctor in Philosophy of Law from theUniversità degli Studi di Genova and European PhD in the same area, with the tesis of “Decisión judicial en acción”, directed by professors Riccardo Guastini and Pierluigi Chiassoni, (2013). Currently, he is a research professor from the Research Center for Philosophy and Law (2018); undergraduate professor (from “Constitutional Hermeneutics” and “Philosophy of Law”) and professor of different post-graduate programs within the Law faculty from Externado University; member of the research group of Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory from Externado University, corresponding fellow of the Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy and professor of the Master “Global Rule of Law and Constitutional Democracy” from the Università degli Studi di Genova