Social Responsibility

For the School of Management at the Universidad Externado de Colombia, social responsibility is a crucial factor of business education that both guides and aligns functions, goals, and objectives that, as an academic unit of the university, we have put forth. As such, we concentrate our efforts on having:

  1. Solid research in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  2. An offer to support and provide formal education in the Faculty
  3. An offer for continued education, advice, and consultation
  4. Efficient and sustainable social action
  5. An appropriate engagement in university social responsibility within the Faculty
  6. Permanent and effective cooperation with other entities to promote their organizations and their responsible actions

The following strategies are being implemented to reach these goals

  1. Design and formulation of new business models
  2. Training of new business leaders
  3. Implementation of new management schemes
  4. The consolidation of academia as an example