On-Campus Services

To meet the needs of the academic community and those this Open Door University welcomes every day, the Externado offers a series of services guaranteeing an environment conducive to education.


Davivienda has two ATMs on campus: one in the basement of Building A, and another located in Building C, second floor.



There are two copy centers on the first floor, Building A, for administrative personnel, and one for students in Building E, located in the library area.

Both centers offer copying and printing services, with costs ranging between 50 and 1000 Pesos. The service is for public use by students and visitors to the campus.


Coffee Shops

The University has two coffee shops operated by Seralun S.A.S (buildings F and C) and two coffee shops operated by Restcaf OMA (building A-Bookstore, and building E-Terrace).

Wake up, is the new food and drinks point of sale, located on the terrace, building G.

There are numerous food services establishments in the surrounding areas.



The campus has a City Parking lot for visitors, located in building E; parking rates for motorcycles and automobiles is 37 Pesos per minute.

Also, nearby parking lots offer special rates for Externadistas:

  • City Parking Candelaria
    (Calle 12 C No. 3-32 – across the Poesía Silva House)
    Autos: $37/minute or $10,000 full rate
    Motorcycled: $37/minute or $3,900 full rate
  • Parking Calle 12 FG
    (Calle 12 No. 5-62 – one block from the Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango)
    Autos: $35/minute or $9,000 full rate
    Motorcycles: $25/minute or $6,000 full rate

Parking lots for bicycles are located in building E parking lot, with a capacity for approximately 80 bikes.  In this space, the rate is $10/minute and $2,000 up to 12 hours.


 Lost and found office

If you find an item and do not know who it belongs to, or if you have lost something, contact a security guard or go to the lost and found office, located at the University Well-Being Office.

Service hours: 10:00 am to 12:00 m – and 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

If you are unable to get to the office within the scheduled timeframe, check at objetosperdidos@uexternado.edu.co or phone + 57 (1) 341 99 00 Ext. 3401


 Health services

The University has an agreement with Mediexpress IPS, the entity responsible for providing medical services to all students. Services are provided at the University Medical Office (first floor, block A) or at the Mediexpress Office (Carrera 37 No. 90-78, Barrio La Castellana).

Accident insurance

The Externado has a school accident policy with Seguros Bolivar. Call the green phone at 01 8000 122 122 or, from Bogotá 3811122. Cell phone * 122, for further information.

Student guidance service

Space for a conversation about situations generating student concerns that could affect academic performance or tenure at the University.

Phone 344-2500, ext. 3408-3409.