Group Classes

The student can take a minimum of twelve hours which is to say a week of classes. Each day is three hours. For this reason, the courses should be paid in multiples of three. The more hours the student pays, the more economical the cost.

CEPEX offers all the programmed classes for a full 60 minutes of the hour, which greatly optimizes the cost-benefit of the investment. This is unique to us as the majority of establishments and institutions teach academic hours of 45 minutes.

Examples of costs

Total hours Total cost in Colombian pesos (USD (Aproximately)
12 $511.200 $155
21 $861.000 $261
42 $1.654.800 $502
60 $2.286.000 $693
72 $2.743.200 $831

Private classes

Cost per hour: $129.100 (Ask for the hour packages for greater savings)

We have various forms of payment

Through our page on the University website with any credit card

–By telephone from your home country or in Colombia with a credit card (3420288, ext. 4119)

–Bank deposit in Banco Davivienda

–With cash or credit/debit cards in the facilities of the University.