How to register

  1. If you have never studied Spanish and want to begin a basic course, complete the registration form.
  2. If you already have some knowledge of Spanish, take the placement exam. This short exam is designed to place you at the appropriate level. You can download the test here.
  3. Reserve a space in the course by sending us an email indicating the dates on which you wish to take the course.
  4. Choose the payment method you prefer.

We have various methods

Through our page on the website you can pay with any credit card.

–You can pay with your credit card by telephone also either from abroad or here in Colombia by calling (57-1-3420288, extension 4119)

–By depositing the amount in Banco Davivienda.

–By paying with cash or credit/debit card in the facilities of the University.

Terms and conditions

Cancelling your classes: If due to a trip or sickness you cannot attend class, you should send written notification of the same 24 hours prior to the class at the email: with the subject: CLASS CANCELLATION. If the cancellation is not done in this manner, the programmed class hours will be considered as a class taken and you will not have the option to make them up later.

Refunds: Once having paid for the classes, there will be no refunds made.

Conditions to begin a course: To begin classes, it is absolutely necessary to have made the payment for the previously agreed upon hours.


You can study with a tourist visa during its period of validity. If you wish, you can change to a student visa. This can be carried out before the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

If you come to Colombia as a tourist, you can simply request a change of visa to a student visa while in the country (You do not have to leave the country to make this type of visa change).

The Ministry shall request photocopies of your passport and other personal documents such as two documents from the institution where you are currently enrolled. These are:

A certification of the legal existence of the institution.

A certificate / letter indicating that you are enrolled in said institution.

CEPEX will provide these latter documents in the moment of your registration.

For more information, please go to the webpage of the Cancilleria de Colombia”.