Preparation for the presentation of International Spanish Exams

Today, there are two exams that officially accredit internationally the level of proficiency in the Spanish language. These are DELE and SIELE.

DELE means Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language.” It is the official exam for non-native speakers of Spanish and SIELE means “International Service of Spanish Language Assessment”.

If you wish to certify your level of proficiency (from A1 to C2), Cepex offers preparation courses and you will be able to present and obtain an official exam in this way. The course helps students become familiar with the necessary types of questions, techniques and contents to obtain good results on the exams. Both exams can be presented in Bogotá and we have the qualified staff to prepare you to achieve the level of Spanish proficiency that you seek.

In Bogotá there are institutions accredited in the application of these exams and Cepex can provide you with information regarding the necessary paperwork.