Physical spaces

The Externado de Colombia University is situated on the East boundary of La Candelaria District in Bogot, Colombia, a historical, political, and cultural center, located at the foot of the Cerro de Guadalupe.

The campus has an area of 65 thousand square meters.

At the Externado, one sees eleven buildings equipped with modern infrastructure for academic life, surrounded by gardens and forests for the enjoyment of the University community.

Also, forming part of the University physical plant are several old houses in La Candelaria and Egypt Districts.

At the far north of Bogot is the Recreational Site El Alcázar, with an area of 14 hectares hosting multiple sports facilities and areas for academic and cultural activities.



Building A

Located in the northern part of the campus, Building A houses most of the University administrative offices. The Theatre and the bookstore, where Externado publications may be purchased, are located on the first-floor exterior.

In the basement, is the medical service center, available to students and staff, together with the psychology and nursing areas. On the same floor are a post office, a copy center, and an Aviatur Office (travel agency).

The second level comprises Rooms 101 to 103, the Law Faculty offices, and its academic units: the Centers for Research in Philosophy and Law, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Procedural, Transportation, Languages, Municipal Government, and Administrative Law. Additionally, there is a Conference Room and a common area for all.

Also, on this level is the Faculty of Economics (Deanship, Vice-Deanship, Academic Coordination, Post-Graduates Coordination, Observatory, and  Academic Secretariat).

On the third level and the mezzanine are the offices of the Constitutional Law, Civil, Labor, Criminal, Commercial, and Roman Law Departments, as well as a reading room and one of the campus terraces.

The fourth level houses the offices of the Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty, together with some administrative bodies such as Human Resources, IT Office, Finance Department, and the Admissions Department.

The Rectory, the General Secretariat, Administrative Office, Legal Office, and the Communications Office are located on the fifth level of the building.

Building B

Most of the rooms and spaces in this building are intended for Law Faculty students. Currently, it comprises three preparatory rooms, five key classrooms, 14 rooms, and four bathrooms in the three levels.

Building C

One of the cafeterias available to students and staff is located in this building. Also, there are 17 classrooms and a gastronomy workshop for Hospitality undergraduate and graduate students.

In the same building is the Audio-Visual Aids Centre, adjacent to the third level reading room, as well as two exclusive rooms for the Social Communication Faculty, located on the same floor.

The Pythagoras Hall, established for the study of mathematics, is located in the fourth level.

Building D

Has 36 classrooms, five computer labs, 2 for internet, a Blomberg Room for Finance students and one audiovisual. On the first level is Auditorium D 200, where some academic meetings are held throughout the year.

The fourth level houses the Dean and Postgraduate Offices of the Hospitality and Public Accounting Faculties.

The Casa Externadista is located at the fifth-level mezzanine.

Building E

The building is the home of the Externado general Library, open not only to the academic community but also to visitors across the country and the world, corresponding to our House of Studies’ open door policy.

Also, there are 20 classrooms, a computer system room, technical areas, translation cubicles, deposits, vehicle parking, and a copy center.

Towards the outside of the building are six large planters containing some of the 40 thousand plants that adorn the campus, and two terraces overlooking the center of Bogotá.

Building F

Features 20 classrooms, a cafeteria serving the academic community, a teaching staff room, a study hall, and a music hall, as well as planters and outdoor terraces.

Building G

This building is the home of the University Auditorium, where large forums, academic meetings, and formal ceremonies are held. The Auditorium has space for 850 persons.

The building also houses 47 classrooms, a student room, a teaching staff room, a study hall, and outdoor terraces also adorned with large planters.

Buildings H and I

For the benefit of its academic community, the city of Bogotá, and Colombian society, the Externado de Colombia University inaugurated 48,000 square meters designed to improve the quality of University life. These new spaces double the Externado’s physical plant.



Also, several old houses of La Candelaria and the Egypt District are part of the University’s physical plant.

Precisely, in the University Southeast area, next to the Egypt Church, are the offices and academic spaces (classrooms and workshops) of the Cultural Heritage Studies Faculty. Also, it is the site of the Telecommunications Law Department.

Adjacent to 11th Street, on the South side of the campus, are the buildings housing the Business Administration and the Social and Human Sciences Faculties.

On 12th Street, and other blocks surrounding the University, are various houses, restored and upgraded, housing among others, the Center for Research and Special Projects, CIPE; the University Well-Being Department; the Gym; the Legal Clinic, and numerous offices and research centers of the different faculties. Two blocks down is the Carlos Restrepo Piedrahita Institute for Constitutional Studies.

On “Carrera” 1, at the Casa de las Mandolinas, are the offices of the Mining Law Department; the Society, Government, and Information Technologies Observatory; the Security Office; the Jean Monnet Chair, and the Student Council.

Mandolinas II houses the Tax Law Department and the Economics Faculty Revista Económica Institucional.

El Alcázar Recreational site

The Alcázar is the Externado de Colombia University social and sports headquarters, dedicated to recreational, leisure, and entertainment activities for the academic and administrative community. The site features soccer, mini soccer, soccer tennis fields, and volleyball, basketball, and clay tennis courts. Additionally, as part of the social club, it features a cafeteria and locker rooms.