Institutions, history and law

Jorge Ivn González

Undergraduate teacher: workshop of Colombian economic conjuncture.
Postgraduate teacher: quality life: prioritizing and focalization of public spend. Land market and intervention instruments, Urban land market. Investigation seminary II.

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PhD in Economics of Católica Lovainia University.
Magister in Economics of Andes University.
Graduate in philosophy of Javeriana University.

Pablo Felipe Robledo

Teacher of Colombian economics

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Lawyer specialized in procedural law and candidate to Magister in civil responsibility of Externado University.
Ex-superintendent of industry and commerce.

Mauricio Pérez Salazar

Undergraduate teacher: Law economic analysis and Economics doctrines.
Postgraduate teacher: Rights part I. Economic, social and cultural right.

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Economist Princeton University.

Guillermo Rivera

Undergraduate teacher: Political institutions of Colombia.
Postgraduate teacher: Participation and social control.

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Magister in political science, Economics and international relations.
Specialist in administrative right and lawyer of Externado university.
Ex- minister of interior.

Óscar A. Alfonso R.

Postgraduate teacher: Residential real estate markets. Spatial economic analysis I. Simulation of real estate markets.

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PhD in urban and regional planning of Federal of Rio of Janeiro University.
Magister in economics in Andes University and Economist of Gran Colombia University.

Andrés García

Postgraduate teacher: Agrarian economics.

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PhD in Global governance of Waterloo University.
Magister and Specialist in Social Policy of Javeriana University.

Alberto Castrillón Mora

Teacher of economics facts history, institutional economics and economics doctrines.

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Philosopher and historian.
Magister in economic development on Latin America of international of Andalucia university.
Specialist in Economic history of Externado University.

Edna Sastoque Ramírez

Undergraduate teacher: Economic history of Colombia.
Postgraduate teacher: Introduction to spatial think economic.

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Economist and magister in economics of Externado University.
PhD in social science and human of Javeriana University.

Alfredo Sarmiento

Teacher of conception of development evolution on social economics specialization.

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PhD in Economics of Erasmo de Rótterdam. Magister in Economics of Andes University.

Francisco Díaz

Teacher of etic and citizen’s competence.

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Magister in Latino American studies in Javeriana University and graduate in social science and human of National Pedagogical University.

Enrique Ferrer Corredor

Teacher of political ideas

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PhD in Hispanic Philology of UNED.
Magister in Hispanic American Literature of Caro y Cuervo institute and policy science of Andes University.
Studies of economic of Nacional University.

Cecilia López

Teacher of Colombian Economics.

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Economist of Andes University with postgraduates in Demography and Economics education.
Ex-minister of Agriculture and ex-director of National Planning.

Mauricio Avella

Teacher of economics facts history and tax policy.

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PhD in Economics of Glasgow University. Magister in Economic of Andes university. Specialist in monetary economic of Glasgow University, Business administrator of Nacional de Colombia University.

Pedro Ignacio Bernal

Undergraduate teacher: Teacher of Colombian constitutional.
Postgraduate teacher: Public services provision and domiciliary groups. Review of general economic.

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Magister in Urban policy and territorial development of Paris XII University.
Economist of Externado University.