EMI Workshops

Learn at depth from experts the cutting edge tools and techniques that will further prepare you for consulting in emerging markets

Aside from the training provided in the initial phases of consulting projects (CSR, BOP, PPI), EMI offers workshops to our consultants in order to provide additional training in specific business topics as an added benefit to their participation. These workshops and conferences take place between project field visits and are delivered by renowned professors and practitioners.  These workshops may change from year to year and have limited space.  If you already plan to volunteer at EMI this summer, please inform us of your interest to take part in the workshop.  You may do so by email (emi@uexternado.edu.co) – please mention “Workshop” in the subject line.

The workshop is free for EMI consultants.  Due to capacity limits, we will formally invite certain participants based on certain criteria including merit, project involvement, experience, etc.

Please see below to inquire about this year’s workshop(s):

Design Thinking and Innovation Workshop
July 18 – 22, 2016