Daniela Helmsdorff

English and Italian teacher

Born in Colombia from Italian parents, Daniela Helmsdorff has a bachelors degree in Political Science and a Master’s in Education from Universidad de los Andes .

She is also a professional theater actress and worked for many years in the Teatro Libre de Bogotá. She has worked in different areas, all related to languages: she has been a language teacher for more than 20 years in various educational institutions among which are Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Universidad Externado de Colombia, has worked as a study-abroad counsellor and has translated books from Italian and English to Spanish for publishing houses such as Planeta and Norma.

Besides Bogotá, she has lived in the United States and in France. She speaks Spanish, Italian, English and French. Daniela is passionate about the sea, scuba-diving, teaching, reading and cooking: in fact, she combines teaching with leading her own Italian cuisine business.