World Explorations in English

Taught by Ezana Habte-Gabr
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Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Confucius

We learn a language in the classroom, but using it outside this context is perhaps the best way to gain fluency. This course provides a range of contexts such as museum visits, forums on global issues, and video conferences, which enhance your ability to practice and recycle the English you have learned over the years.

Your confidence and fluency with the language are developed through an experiential approach, where you “learn by doing”. In this course “doing” includes museum tours within the vicinity of Universidad Externado de Colombia, discussions on global contemporary issues based on maps and charts for factual support, and online lectures given by experts on global issues from around the world.

This variation in contexts allows you to develop your English skills formally and informally as you listen to lectures, engage in discussions on global issues, and visit museums.