Continuing Education

The faculty has continued its research on lifelong learning to offer excellent academic quality training in continuing education, providing tools for the updating and development of skills and abilities specific to the tourism sector.

This has led us to create a new concept of continuing education that will facilitate learning and public recognition through digital badges in accordance with personalized and flexible training plans, which will improve the academic and professional profile, with its training axes, by means of Diplomas, Courses and Seminars, which may be homologated in the future with formal postgraduate education.

Our face-to-face, virtual and remote (via zoom) offer contributes to the development of business management in the technical and managerial areas, through training services, whose radius of action extends to different regions of Colombia and neighboring countries.

The 6 related thematic axes that we are currently offering with our programming are:

  • Tourism
  • Lodging
  • Gastronomy
  • Events and Meetings
  • Transversal (refers to training in management skills, soft skills and topics such as sustainability and corporate social responsibility)
  • Well-being and Good Living


The Coordination of Graduate and Continuing Education offers the public and private sectors professional updating programs with structured topics, according to the requirements of the interested entities, and are tailored to the needs of each institution.


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Courses and seminars

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