Gustavo Adolfo Guarn Duque

International Economic Law Lecturer

Areas of research:
  • WTO law, regionalism, international dispute settlement, investment arbitration, economic analysis of law, access to medicines, public international law

Professional networks:

Twitter @tavoguarin


Lawyer from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, Master in International and European Law from the Europa-Institut (Germany), Master in International Economic Law and Economic Policy from the Universidad de Barcelona (IELPO), PhD candidate in Law from the Europa-Institut (Germany).

Professional experience:

He is currently working as an internationalist lawyer for the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, in the Office of International Legal Affairs defending the interests of the Colombian state in international litigation and as a teacher of the subjects «international litigation» «economic law» and the research group of Allied Universities for Access to Medicines. He worked at the World Trade Organization (Switzerland) as an advisor to the Trade and Environment Directorate and the sustainable trade promoter Fair Trade (Germany).

He also teaches the postgraduate course in Inspection, Surveillance and Control at the Universidad Externado de Colombia.

1. Tariffs on imported steel and aluminum by the Trump administration in light of the GATT 1994. (Kluwer Global Trade and Customs. Issue 7 2018. October).

2. A proposed interpretation of Article XXI (b) ii and XXI(b)iii in the light of the Vienna Convention of the Law of the Treaties. (Kluwer Global Trade and Customs. Issue 1, 2019. January);

3. Could The United States justify its tariffs on aluminum and steel invoking article XXI (b) of the GATT.» (Kluwer Global Trade and Customs. Issue 2, 2019. February).

4. Construyendo una estrategia de exportación para Coomersa. TradeLab. George Town. En co-autoría con Daniel Tovar y Simón Hernández. En 2018)

Enhancing e-commerce through Blockchain (DLTs): The regulatory paradox for digital governance.. Global Jurist. De Gruyter. En co-autoría con Julian Zuluaga. Presentado en Turín, Italia, en el conversatorio “International Economic Law in the Era of Distributed Ledger Technology.” Abril 9 de 2019?.

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