Postgraduate and Continuing Education Coordination

The Postgraduate and Continuing Education coordination of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Business Administration works every day to be visionary and dynamic. We seek to contribute to the training of people from different sectors on issues related to gastronomy, events and meetings, tourism, and accommodation. The evolution and growth of the tourism industry in the country demands of us to be constantly transforming to offer education opportunities, which are adjusted to the real world.

Claudia Mara Jiménez
Postgraduate and Continuing Education Coordinator

Contacto: (+57 601) 353 7000 Ext.: 1401

Vilma Hernández Vásquez
Administrative Coordinator

Contact: (+57 601) 353 7000 Ext.: 1413

Claudia Ximena Cepeda Hidalgo
Administrative Coordinator

Contact: (+57 601) 353 7000 Ext.: 1416

David Julian Gomez Siabato
Administrative Assistant

Contact: (+57 601) 353 7000 Ext 1407

Elsa Inés Piñeros Reina
Database Administrator

Contact: (+57 601) 3537000 Ext.: 1412