Degree options

To obtain their degree as an Economist, students must choose one of the academic modalities established, so that, in the last stage of their studies, they can strengthen their professional training. The option chosen by the student must meet certain requirements and continuous monitoring by the Faculty of Economics.


Internships are characterized by contributing to the academic and professional training process of the intern, as a natural extension of the academic program. Those who choose this option must comply with activities related to their academic training, assigned by the public or private entity in which they perform their internship.

The disclosure of vacancies is made directly to the e-mails of students who meet the requirements to apply for them, which are specified in the procedure.


The University also has a platform where it publishes internships for undergraduate students, as well as job offers for graduates and postgraduate students.

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The School of Economics offers the student as a degree option, to carry out an academic exchange for a semester or a year, in outstanding universities worldwide. With this option the student will have the opportunity not only to study in another country, but to have a cultural exchange with the chosen destination, to generate interactions that will be useful in their professional future. For this, the Universidad Externado de Colombia has more than 200 agreements around the world.

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Coterminals are an alternative that allows the undergraduate student to take a set of subjects of some graduate programs of the School of Economics or other faculties of the University, after fulfilling the requirements of the undergraduate program in Economics and graduate programs associated with the coterminal offer. One of the benefits of this option is that, upon graduating as an economist, the student will have already taken a percentage of the selected graduate program, which is a strength for their academic and professional profile.


A thesis is a document of academic research, developed with a research methodology and related to the disciplines of study addressed during the undergraduate degree. In this degree option, students must present their results orally and submit their thesis to scrutiny before a jury that will review the document and the presentation, to decide whether the student is awarded the degree of economist.