Institutional Economics Journal

During the last few years, the Economics Department at Externado University has been interested in creating a space for reflection on a central and highly topical subject such as institutional economics.

The principal motivation behind this interest is the conviction that a new stage in the development of the world economic and political system has begun. This represents an unavoidable challenge for all social scientists, research centers, and all organizations interested in markets development, political institutions, and social welfare.

This Journal is a biannual publication whose purpose is to stimulate and disseminate research by national and foreign authors who relate economics with politics, history, philosophy, law, and political science, among others, in the theoretical field of institutional economics.

The Journal began in the second semester of 1999 and is indexed nationally and internationally in the econlit database (Journal of Economic Literature), Sociological Abstracts, Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, IBSS (International Bibliography of Social Sciences), Scielo (Scientific Electronic Library Online), and the Publindex National Index (A2 category until June 2011), among others. This indexing recognizes and supports the criteria and quality of the publication.

Scientific Committee: Bob Jessop (Lancaster University), Frederic S. Lee (University of Missouri-Kansas City), Eduardo Lora (Inter-American Development Bank), Luis Fernando Medina (University of Virginia), Jaime Andrs Niño (The Services Group Inc. ), Ugo Pagano (University of Siena), Edgar Pardo (Citigroup Corporate & Investment Banking Group), Manuel Ramírez (Universidad del Rosario), Jorge Restrepo (Royal Holloway-University of London), Enrico Spolaore (Tufts University), and Roberto Steiner (Fedesarrollo).

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