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(ISSN print: 0120-7555; ISSN digital: 2346-206X)

The journal Turismo y Sociedad is an academic space that favors debate, the exchange of ideas and positions on tourism as a complex phenomenon approached from an interdisciplinary perspective with the purpose of investigating the multiple aspects that are part of its essence.

The magazine contributes to the analysis of two fundamental axes of the sector: territories and companies. Territories understood as natural, cultural and symbolic spaces and the tourism service providers that are part of the value chain.

The journal has national and international circulation. It began in 2002 with an annual periodicity, but as of January 2015 it has a biannual circulation.

Our audience

It is aimed at academics, researchers, specialists and scholars of hospitality and tourism; to different actors in the sector -tourism planners and entrepreneurs- and to all those interested in understanding tourism as a multidimensional phenomenon for whom it is a reference tool. The articles published in the journal will be sent electronically to the different databases and indexing systems for the dissemination of its contents.

Our objectives

  • To open an academic space for the exchange of ideas, approaches, positions and debate.
  • To publish articles that have not been published in other journals and that are the result of theoretical reflection or research practice.
  • Seek to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in areas such as:
  1. Leisure, free time and tourism; development, planning, management and innovation in tourism.
  2. Public policy, governance and tourism; ethics and tourism; education and tourism; tourism.
  3. Sustainability; economy and tourism; culture, social imaginaries and tourism; globalization and tourism.
  4. Tourism development and impacts, hotel management, among others.

Our themes

The topics addressed are: leisure, free time and tourism; tourism planning; sustainable tourism; economy and tourism; tourism management; culture and tourism; research and tourism; public policies and tourism; development and impacts of tourism in Colombia, Latin America and the world through case studies.

In how many databases is it indexed?

It currently holds category C in Colciencias and is indexed in 13 databases.

More information

For more information about our magazine, as well as to review its contents, we invite you to consult the following webpage